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2017-11-16 Photo by Hasse Ferrold - David Rubens Risk Expert

13-14-15th December Strategic Risk / Risk Transformation. 1 or 3 days program.

SanderMap can assist you in identification of competences needed for now and for the future. Have you already identified needs […]

2017-11-16 Photo by HASSE FERROLD - EY & Sandermap RISK TRANSFORMATION workshop - Motzfeldt - Sander - Rubens

Risk Transformation – do you have the competences?

Risk as a topic is unfortunately relevant for us all. Risk includes cyber risk, financial risk, terrorism and other risks. […]

risk and transform

Risk Transformation workshop by EY and SanderMap

November 16, 2017 From 4pm to 7pm Learn what risks to prepare for, and how transform risk into competitive advantage […]

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