Andersen Advisory Group A/S new shareholder in SanderMap Pte. Ltd. Singapore

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Andersen Advisory Group A/S (AAG) has decided to invest in SanderMap Human Asset Solutions.

“SanderMap has a very promising concept, an outstanding global network – and an ocean of opportunities,” says Michael Moesgaard Andersen, owner of AAG.

Mr. Moesgaard is a very experienced entrepreneur with several notable successful exits. In addition Michael Moesgaard has a background as Strategic Advisor to many organizations. He is also co-author of several books including “Return on Strategy: How to Achieve it!” and “Beyond Strategy: The Impact of Next Generation Companies”

“We welcome AAG and Michael Moesgaard” says Jesper Jarlbæk, Chairman of SanderMap Pte. Ltd., “we highly respect Michael ‘s competencies and we believe Michael can add value to our venture in many ways.

Sandeep Sander, CEO of SanderMap has previously worked with Michael Moesgaard and adds: “Developing SanderMap Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, setting new global standards is demanding. Having experienced people like Jesper and Michael on board is an honor and confirmation of the potential. The SanderMap team is proud and humble – and we will do our utmost to progress for the benefit of all our stakeholders”

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